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Mon, Mar. 30th, 2015, 10:21 pm
Rebooting the journal

I am going to start back up the journal. I recently cracked it open and realized what a huge treasure trove of memories and perspective it is, and helps to keep my life narrative from being an egocentric subjective illusion. And then I check Facebook and, not surprisingly, they hide 99% of everything I have posted, even from myself.

I think there are a lot of reasons why I stopped writing in here. Not the least of which was that I had kids, and they were exhausting. They still are, but they are finally all potty trained, and sleep through the night.

Anyone can read this that would like, but this is my journal. My. Journal. It is for me to be me, for me to read and write about, and not to censor myself. I will continue to happily censor anyone else I would like in the comments as I see fit. But anyone interested in peeking at my day can have a read over here, and maybe I'll alert the Facebook when something good happens.

I was told by Pastor Kevin a long time ago that people like me benefit from getting their thoughts out, organized on paper. I think I agree, so here it is. A daily-ish account of what's going on.

I won't catch up stuff from Facebook, as that would take forever, and the idea here is to journal the present. So I'll solve the datamining conundrum with my Facebook account some other time.


I am really trying to get to the gym at 7am. I am really no good at mornings. Wes being there is a huge help, but he also provides a ready excuse for me to blow it off for the day if I miss our appointment(which is probably good anyways). Wes walked me through his "push pull" workout from P90x, and a gym guy named Chris(I think?) gave me a good tip on one of the exercises, moving me from a 20lb weight to a 45, and he was right.

I'm getting my espresso maker dialed in, though it is starting to seem like every single batch of beans needs a customised grind setting. I miss the What's Brewing? beans, but the Ruta Maya ones aren't so bad.

Got a lot done at work today. I am feeling very productive with that, but also a little like I need to kick it into gear with learning more stuff surrounding what I do, and detailed understanding of what I do. I can't wait for every situation to have actually happened to me and expect Dusty to walk me through it.

Wrapped up the day with a trip to Airport Park to take Norah's birthday pictures, and Keri and Hazel came along too, since they are visiting. It was a nice time, if not stressful. Then we came back home, bedtime and then I got to diagnose and repair our WiFi. Had to buy Mae a new antenna and switch to 40mhz, that seemed to have done the trick for now.

Automating my time has been a pretty reasonable success. I ended up switching to just using my phone's calander, so I'm keeping it native. I can't believe this, but I think I'm ending up something of a minimalist. I've always been a very utilitarian person, but I'm seeing the value in having less, both physically and psychologically. I can't explain how this CGP Grey/Tiny Homes lifestyle meshes so well with a Fred Rogers outlook on life and society, but it does. At least it does for me. Fred Rogers has become a role model for me on a daily level, both in how I talk to my kids and deal with adults. The thing that inspired this in me was him singing a song, "Its You I Like" to Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show. She is a very blue comic, and struggling to have a normal conversation without any shock value, and then when she asks him to sing her daughter's favorite song, he looks her right in the eyes and sings her the whole song without even twitching. I couldn't believe it. I looked up everything I could about him, and he wasn't just Mr. Rogers on tv, that was HIM on tv. I will tell anyone: Fred Rogers is a towering mountain of a man. He's got more manliness in his fingernail clippings than I have head to toe.

That's all, I'm tired now. Mission Accomplished.

Thu, Apr. 2nd, 2015 09:50 pm (UTC)

Hey. Welcome back. Looks like you went through many parts of adulthood :)

I keep a bit of a log here too, although not too frequently. It's nice to go back to them from time to time