The story of how God builds a signpost

Piece by piece, that it may read itself

Eamon Burke
15 October 1987
God is Good, Holy is the Lord!

Hi there! I'm Eamon, and if you are reading this, you've found my blog!!

A long time ago(ok, so maybe about 2 years ago), I was ready to give up on being alive. My trials and my efforts had lead me to the end of my rope, my future was bleak, and I was ready to give up. In that moment, I realized that my life without God was not worth living, and I would rather die trying to find a God that I never get to, and try to live without Him. The Holy Spirit descended upon me and comforted my soul, and led me to Himself, and Jesus saved my life, filled me, and makes it worth living--that He may be glorified.

If you see me, please look past me. I am but an imagebearer, and a canvas is not a painting, nor is the paint.

I am no example of Godliness, if you wish to see that, look at His Son. If you have anything to ask of me, I make myself available for anything, no matter how ill-prepared I may be.

I'd like everyone to know that I love you all, as family, under one Father in Heaven, no matter what you do, or how you act, or how poorly you treat me, or more importantly, how I treat you. I am not perfect, nor are you, but we are brothers and sisters.


I also should tell you about the greatest material and human relational gift I've ever been given! My Wife! She's everything I could ask for and more, she's gorgeous beyond compare, and I would be happy if the world were just her and myself for the rest of our lives.

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